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Crabgrass is a troublesome annual weed that does not blend well with the healthy, desirable grasses in your lawn, and it can be very invasive if not dealt with appropriately. Often confused with quackgrass or tall fescue, crabgrass has a lime green color and resembles a miniature corn plant as it starts to grow in early summer. Later in the summer, it develops large seed heads, eventually turning a purplish color and dying off in late fall. Once crabgrass is established in your lawn, it can take several years of care and attention to get it under control. Your Weed Man lawn care professional will put expert methods to work for you, and in a few seasons you can achieve a thick, lush, crabgrass-free lawn that is well worth the wait!




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Your trained and certified Weed Man technician will discuss the crabgrass treatment plan that is best suited to the conditions of your lawn. Crabgrass is not controllable with standard broadleaf weed control products. Instead, using safe, ecosystem-based IPM strategies, we stand by the effectiveness of our specialized crabgrass control program for correcting the imbalances caused by a crabgrass invasion.


  • In the fall or early spring, we’ll apply crabgrass control material before the crabgrass seeds can germinate. (Following this application, do not rake or dig in your lawn, as this will result in a broken barrier and will negatively impact the effectiveness of the product.)

  • We’ll perform contact treatments to eliminate isolated infestations of young crabgrass plants.

  • We’ll also preventatively treat areas of your lawn that are susceptible to the spread of crabgrass, such as areas that are sandy, sunny, already damaged by pests, or located along sidewalks and driveways. 



In addition to crabgrass control treatments, the key to effective crabgrass control is strengthening your lawn. A thick, healthy, well-maintained lawn is always the best line of defense against crabgrass and other weeds, pests, and disease. Follow beneficial cultural practices like watering, mowing, fertilizing, and mechanical core aeration to make the most of your professional lawn care program. 



If you notice crabgrass in your lawn, reach out to your local Weed Man to request a complimentary lawn analysis!

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